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Perspective perspectives

In partnership with Target I was asked to write this blog post about perspective and how it changes after becoming a parent , I wrote the following but I must...

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Get It Right Get It Tight

I’ve been getting a lot of fitness related questions and request to post my full workouts.  This is all flattering and at the same time very intimidating because I don’t...

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Selfless Self Love

If there is something I’m a big advocate of, it’s “Self-Love!”  I’m all about it, and I like to encourage everyone to practice it more often.  As parents, daughters/sons, spouses,...

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9 Love Lives

Ever and I are coming up on out 9-year wedding anniversary, and it blows my mind. I can’t believe we got married at the tender age of 25, but we...

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Run Linda Run

I have a small bucket list of stuff that I like to empty out and refill as I go, and one of those things in my tiny bucket was a...

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