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18 weeks and surviving

I've gotten a lot of messages asking about how I'm feeling, what I'm taking, and how I'm keeping up.  I guess I share so much they probably find it odd I don't share more about my bump.  Truth is I'm still pretty miserable and still very busy.  Work has been keeping me on my toes and in true "Linda fashion" I took home some pretty major home renovations just to make sure my stress levels are up & thriving LOL (my mom likes to make fun of me about my tendency to take on more when I'm already taking on too much).  I think I just exist best under pressure and being sick & miserable doesn't get any better when I'm at rest so I'd rather know I'm being productive in all the misery and things are getting done. 

If we're still being honest, I still have not connected with my bump. I didn't with Elle either.  When she was born and ever since I'm been completely enamored with being a mother but being a pregnant woman is just not my thing.  I hate the feeling of being restricted and not having full control of my body and how I feel.  Don't get me wrong I'm feel overwhelmingly blessed to be able to carry a child but the method to the madness is not my definition of bliss (I secretly envy and don't understand the women that just love being pregnant).  I most definitely am not one of them.

Ok, so there's my truth.  If I wasn't honest I wouldn't be me but I can share some stuff that's been making me feel slightly less bad and keeping me feeling like I'm nurturing my insides as well as my outsides! 

I'm taking "Rainbow Light" prenatal one & their DHA (, "Happy Mama" prenatal probiotic powder (, "Preggie Pop" candy drops (Target) to help with nausea after meals.  I use "Mustea" stretch mark prevention cream, I used the same one with Elle but had to order it from Sephora but now they sell it at Target.  I didn't get any stretch marks with Elle and although I know that had more to do with other factors (mostly skin type more than the actual cream) it did help with the itchiness but I'm not crazy about the smell.

As far as work outs, I've been taking it easy (easier than usual means no Crossfit LOL). I go to yoga 2-3 times a week, Barre Fit class twice a week, and jog/walk 2-3 times a week.  I'm still struggling with my diet, I can't eat any kind of animal protein but make sure to supplement with a pregnancy friendly protein supplement such as "Rainbow Lite" pre/postnatal protein powder (it's not very tasty but I usually just chug it with my vitamins in the morning).  I'm eating a lot of veggie sandwiches, simple carbs, and fruit.  

Well there you have it! The complete 18 week rundown, still not sure what we are having but should find out next week.  Stay tuned...

- Linda

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  • Caren on

    I’m six weeks pregnant and miserable. I suffer with 24-7 vommitting and have been bed ridden. I cannot keep anything down. All I see and hear are angelic like pregnant women basking in the glory of how fabulous they feel carrying a child. Like you I am very grateful to be blessed with a child and also like you I do not enjoy pregnancy. Reading your post has helped me a lot knowing there are women out there that don’t feel amazing and are struggling. You seem to have the most amazing life, beautiful daughter, loving husband and fantastic career and you deserve only happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty. We are all just trying to do our best as women and mothers and at the end of the day we are all human X

  • Patty on

    Ohhhh! I wholeheartedly share your sentiments about being pregnant! Took me 7 years to have my second one, and I clearly remembered why! Lol! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy. ?

  • Nina on

    Thank you for the wonderful post and tips. I agree with you -I definitely did not enjoy pregnancy but will try your tips.

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