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Goal Digging 2019



Just like last year, I’m late to the New Year’s resolution declaration party but setting goals is important to me!  I just read last year’s resolutions and I proud to say I killed them with the exception of one.  I recycled that one into this year’s set.  I’ll let you guess which one…

1.) Invest. I always said when I 35 I’d start accumulating rental properties, minimum one per year. I also plan to turn our dental office parking are into office rental space because it’s prime real estate & parking our vehicles is not making me any money.

2.) Clean up uppercase Ever’s eating.  I like to think I eat pretty healthy for the most part and feed this kids accordingly  but I tend let Ever eat all the things I don’t.  I want the guy around & healthy for a long time so if he’s not going to take matters into his own hands, I will.  #eatthissaladever

3.) Push my fitness.  I workout regularly but regular workouts lack results.  This year I really want to push & challenge myself. I also want to complete another half marathon and actually train properly for it this time.  I have a goal time of 2 hours.   I want to reincorporate yoga into my weekly fitness because I don’t like losing my flexibility or feeling rigid. 

4.)  Declutter and stop buying more shit so I don’t need to declutter so often.  I really want to organize my closet like pre-kid days because I currently tend to grab the same pieces.   Next year I want to remodel my closet and bathroom but until then I need to figure out a system that works.

5.)  Style my hair more often.  I need to give my mom bun a rest.   It went hard in 2018 and even though it’s been a signature style since way before I had kids I think I need to give it a rest.  

6.)  Kick up my cosmetic injectable and anti-aging game at the office.  I currently apply Botox & fillers and I really enjoy it.  I want to offer more procedures to our patients, friends & family because I need my tribe looking fresh. 

Just like last year,  if you haven’t set any let me leave you with the resolution starter pack.  These are one size fits all and will make you a better you in 2019.


  • Drink more water
  • Move your body more
  • Stop complaining, gossiping, and talking negatively about yourself and others
  • Learn to say no but also learn to say yes
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Mind your business
  • Do one nice thing for someone daily
  • Smile more
  • Give back
  • Floss your teeth


There you go, new year new you!   You’re welcome!   Wishing you the best year yet full of love health, and happiness and remember its ok to fall short of your goals but it is not ok to stop trying.


XOXO  Linda














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  • Laura on

    Increíble, la sigo en IG y me parece maravilloso y casi imposible todo lo que hace, y si que me gustaría ser más organizada y decidida como usted, muchísimas gracias por compartir su vida con nosotros y demostrar que si se puedey que nada es imposible… Intentaré hacer mi lista de resolución y comprometerme a cumplirla… Nuevamente muchas gracias y Bendiciones.

  • Audra Evans on

    My friend is not only beautiful but really smart too… and also ugh…. get to beautifying me… I’m down 🙌🏼

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