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I continually look forward to my new year’s resolutions and goals.  After reading last year’s blog I can honestly say I’m pretty proud of myself, but I failed to completely crush all of them. I did buy my investment property, but I didn’t turn the office parking lot into commercial space.  I did clean up Uppercase Ever’s eating, but I did not stay clutter free in 2019.  I did start styling my hair more often, and even chopped it all off.  I’m recycling a few, because when we fail, we must try try again.  Here are my 2020 goals and resolutions...

1.) Avoid waste.  This applies to all kinds of waste, but I’ll start with actual trash, like all the disposables that I love to use.  I’m busy, and the less dishes I can wash the better, but I know I’m not doing the environment any favors.  I’m also going to waste less money. I’m going to really try to avoid impulse purchases and things  I don’t truly need.  It’s safe to say I will be staying out of Target in 2020 as much as possible.

2.) Multi-task less.  I want to focus my time and energy on the task or person at hand.  I often get praised for being able to do so much, but sometimes I’m left feeling like I’m spread too thin.  I want to put my phone down in 2020.  Document less, live more, and definitely be more present.

3.) Remodel my closet.  It’s been a long time coming, eight years to be exact.  My closet and master bathroom are the last big remodeling projects on our 90’s fixer upper.  I really want to tackle my dream closet this year, which might mean no lavish Vegas birthday trip,  and I’m 100% ok with that.  

4.) Build our 1902 duplex.  I bought an investment property in 2019 and really want to rebuild it in to it’s original state, which was a dulpex.  I have a modern, industrial idea paying homage to the vintage 1902; it will make a cool bachelor pad or a small living space for a young couple with no kids.

5.) This one is my priority for 2020, and the rest of my days.  I’ve been labeled an “influencer,” and as much as I sincerely despise the term, in a way I have (much to my dismay) found it to be a tad true. The way I’d like to influence people is to give back, helping others in need.  To be kind and tolerant to one and other.  To make this world a better place for our children and their children.  It may all sound corny,  but it’s something that is calling to me.  I have this amazing platform, and I want to use it for much more than cute outfits and recipes (of course those will never vanish because it’s a huge part of who I am). I’m also a person of conviction, and I don’t think that always shows. My parents are some of the most generous people I have ever met, almost to a fault.  In good times and bad, they always give back and help others.  We often think that giving back is monetary, but just giving someone your time is just as important and meaningful. Food banks and shelters always need extra hands, and donating things you no longer use also helps supply jobs and affordable items to those in need.


These are my main goals for 2020, along with the essential basics: drink more water, exercise more, gossip less, and be kind(er).


If you haven’t set your goals for 2020, it’s never too late, regardless of what month you do it in.  Set small and big ones, and work on them daily. You won’t always accomplish them all, but working towards something is always more rewarding than staying at a standstill.  


Goal get them- 

Linda xoxo 

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  • LInda on

    Great goals! I love how reflective you are and how you are growing, some people with “fame” feel there is no more need to improve up on themselves and you prove otherwise. Kudos to you and best of luck in crushing as many (if not all) tour go also. I personally can wait to see your closet and all the food you do 😊

  • Erica on

    Mija you are Amazing inside and out and always!! You inspire people on the daily and I so look forward to your Insta Stories! me love you long time ❤️

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