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25 Things you may (may) know about me

I often get tagged in those “20 facts about me” or those “quick response quizzes” and I really enjoy reading other people’s but never quite get the chance to complete one so I thought I’d do my own here as a blog post.  So here are 25 useless fun facts about me and my family.

  • I’m the oldest of 3 children, much older. I’m 13 years older than my sister and 16 older than my brother.  They are more like my children than siblings but I love them hard.
  • I have no middle name, just Linda plain & simple.
  • Elle’s first name is Victoria but she prefers Elle. I think she will go by Victoria once she gets older.
  • Baby Ever’s middle name is Rafael after my grandmother Rafaela. I love the male version but the female version is up for debate LOL!
  • I’m allergic to avocado but eat it any way, I like to live life on the edge.
  • My lips, lashes, and eyebrows are my own. I get asked weekly if (at least) one of these features is fake.
  • I married my husband at the tender age of 25, I thought we were grown and now when I hear about people getting married at the age I think they are babies.
  • I don’t usually wear foundation, only tinted moisturizer. I like my moles to show.
  • In no particular order, I hate peeing, answering the phone, and pumping gas.
  • My favorite food is seafood and it’s my favorite thing to cook.
  • I can’t keep a plant alive even if my life depended on it. No green thumb here.
  • If I could only shop one place for life it would be ebay, I’ve found the best deals and some of my favorite pieces there.
  • I’m terrible at math.
  • I never wash my jeans.
  • I was homecoming Queen, best looking, and best dressed in high school but I secretly wished for “most likely to succeed” Now as an adult I think all those categories are silly and pointless and I’m hoping they no longer exist in yearbooks.
  • I despise being late, I’m usually parking lot sitting at all my appointments.
  • I’m a huge hip-hop head, like 90’s east coast kinda stuff.
  • I think mermaids are real, the ocean is so vast and unexplored that I’m certain there is some for aquatic looking human deep down in there. Oh I believe in Aliens too (same concept)
  • My adult drink of choice is champagne or beer, nothing in between. This pretty much sums me up as a human LOL!
  • I’m 5’2 but people always think I’m way taller since I’m usually in heels and big hair.
  • I only wear 3 shades of nail polish. Red. Light pink, or black. My nails techs already know I’m boring.
  • My first car was a white 1996 hardtop Jeep, I put a major sound system in it and thought I was the coolest LOL
  • I never played sports but I did dance.
  • I have a french bulldog named Kanye and a Pomeranian named Louie.
  • I don’t have a nanny or babysitter; I take the baby with me pretty much everywhere I go including work.

 There they are, 25 things you may or may not know about me (I know I share a lot so none of this may be new LOL)

 XOXO Linda

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