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Dear baby Ever

Dear son, 

Yesterday we confirmed what my heart already knew, you have a penis, LOL.  I'm not going to lie to you (you will learn that lying is not one of your mothers defects, I have many but this is not one) your sister and I wanted you to be a girl.  I'm not disappointed (she might be) I know that you will complete our family like not other baby could ever.  We wanted you, we prayed for you, and we never gave up on the idea of you.  Now that we have you there is a few things I want you to know many and many things I want you to be...

First and foremost you are born into a pink home, by this I mean some furniture is literally pink LOL!  Pink is just a color but there are 2 very strong females already ruling it, you will find your voice... eventually. 

You will treat EVERYONE as your equal and always be considerate and compassionate towards those that cross your path.  You will understand that although you may be born with some advantages, your're parents and grandparents worked VERY hard for you to have these and you will work even harder to deserve them.  You will help those in need because you never know when you might be in their place.  This worlds takes many turns and nothing is promised.

You're father will probably teach you how to throw a ball, hunt, and fish (he tried to show your sister but she had zero interest) but he will also show you how to love your future spouse (because he loves me like a crazy man) and how to be a great father (never perfect because neither of us are and it's your job to better parents than us).  He's been waiting for you for a long time and I know how much you will mean to him.

The thing I hope for most is that when you're old enough to read this you won't even understand why I felt the need to write it.  You would have grown up a kind and generous man and just thought is was just second nature to be that way.  

I love you already more than you could ever know, 





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  • Grace on

    Are you planning on circumsizing

  • Gladys on

    Yay! Congrats,my rainbow baby is a boy too …

  • Mindy G on

    This is so pretty! Made me cry! Congratulations on your baby boy!

  • Karla on

    This couldn’t be more beautiful! Congrats?

  • Kayla Powdar on

    That was beautiful ! It takes an amazing women to raise a good man. You got this ♡ now you have your pair I have 2 girls I’m pregnant with another girl I am so excited to meet her but I’m scared to try for a boy ever again. But I guess I have my #squad loll

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