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Early Mornings

I love my direct messages on my Instagram account because sometimes they inspire my blog posts.  The recent reoccurring questions are;

“How do you get up so early?”

“Where do you get the energy and motivation to work out so early?”

 “Do you even sleep?”

First, I’d like to clarify that I am not the only person that gets up and works out at these ungodly hours (for me that is a 4:30and 5:00 am workout). There is a whole group of us (and some of those are my friends and new recruits). They took some convincing, but now they have grown to love it.  Ever since I became a mom, I have worked out in the early morning because it was the only time I could get it in.  I loved the fact that my family was sleeping, and when I returned most days, they still were.  It was like I didn’t miss a beat and had my entire day to dedicate to them, or whatever I wanted to that day.  It gives me an early start to breakfasts and the extra energy to slay my day.  It makes me feel kinda bad ass to do it every morning, and really sets the tone for the day.  I’d also like to clarify that it’s not always easy, and there are most definitely days I want to stay in bed.  Some days I listen to my body, and others I don’t, and just get up and go.  I have yet to regret getting up.   Here are some tips and tricks to getting up early and working out. 

1.)  Go to sleep early.  Sounds dumb, but it’s plain and simple, you have go to bed early to get up early.  I’m usually in bed by 9, but never past 10. If I’m up past 10, I don’t get up in the morning, and if I do, I don’t work out because I know it’s not enough hours of sleep, and sleep is very important. 

2.)  Shut down the house.  This means everyone is in fed and in bed.  If you train the members of your house to go to bed early, it helps you to make it a habit. 

3.)  Distract the distractions.  Turn off the Netflix and put down your phone.  Watching a series can turn into hours of lost sleep time, and scrolling can leave your brain overstimulated, which makes it harder to fall asleep.  I don’t sleep with my phone next to me, I charge it in the bathroom so I can’t be tempted to grab it if falling asleep is harder than normal.  It also forces me to get up and turn the alarm off, and by the time I do, I’m usually up.

4.)  Lay your workout gear out and prepare your water bottle the night before. I usually sleep in the bra I’m working out in, but I know some hate wearing them to bed. Scurrying in the early hours looking for leggings is harder than it seems.

5.)  Limit your caffeine after in the afternoon.  It’s tempting to get that pick me up, but sometimes it picks you up right into a late night.  It’s ok to feel tired in the afternoon if you know bed time is early.

These are just a few tips that help me, but If I’m being honest, I have episodes where I struggle to go early and fall off the early morning wagon.  It usually takes me 2 weeks to get back into the routine every time I’ve quit.  I say try it for 2 weeks, 5 times a week, and in no time,  it will be your new normal. With the New Year approaching, I say now is the best time to set your goals and get a head start.  Start the new year fully early morning trained.  Your butt will thank you for it come Spring.


XOXO Linda

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  • Mayra on

    Definitely great tips. I’m turn 35 this yr, and girl, I don’t look as great as you do. Thank you for the info. Following them from now. You rock!

  • Christina P on

    Those were for sure some great tips I was definitely do them

  • Karina on

    You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for always being so honest and open about your lifestyles! Whether it’s fashion, food, or health.. THANK YOU!

  • Daniela Juarez on

    You are so right , shut the house down & get to bed early is the only way to be awake at what most people think is “too early” i love being awake early, i feel like i have that extra time that people “need and want” those extra hours in the day !

  • Berlyn Cobian on

    Thank you for breaking it down. I have been curious about it.

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