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Elle turns 6

This thing happens every year, and I despise it, but have yet to find a way to stop it….  Elle’s birthday as she turns another year older.  This year she chose a Harry Potter themed birthday party after a wild weekend of binge watching the many movies with my sister, and she declared herself a fan.  I tried to get her to pick another theme, but she was dead set on it!  So, here we are up to our ears in wands and wizards.  I started the tradition of writing Elle a birthday letter every year so here goes this year’s letter.


Happy birthday baby girl, 6 is a big deal and you know it.  Lately everything is “I can do it, I’m six,” and “I’m not a baby I’m almost 6!”  I’m so amazed by you, and this year has been the year that I’m the proudest to be your mom.  You started kindergarten and have been killing it.  You were student of the month for the gospel value of “respect,” and I almost cried hearing your principal read the words your teacher wrote about you in front of the entire school at mass.  The part where she said “you are always aware of people’s feelings and willing to help others in need” made me the most proud.  I’ve always sensed your compassion for others, and I’m proud to know that you execute it daily. 

Despite my disapproval, you talked your dad and I into auditioning for your studio’s dance team, and you made it.  You still don’t practice as much as we would like, and I struggle to juggle all your classes, but you manage to win us over at every performance.  The way you spot us out and smile ever so slightly makes us melt.  You will never realize how much joy you bring into our lives.

You have been an exemplary big sister and the love for your brother is something special.  I can’t wait to watch that bond grow.  I think he’s the best gift I could have ever given you. 

You still love L.O.L. dolls and love dressing up like them. It’s been fun recreating your favorite dolls, and we have even coined the name “Elle O Elle.”  You still have a fierce appetite and love sushi.  You’re not crazy about your school uniform, or homework, and Friday is your favorite day because it’s early out and we have lunch together.  I look forward to Fridays too, baby girl. 

I could go on and on but I need to get back to work.  I love you and I hope you have a wild and wizarding time at your party that I planned with a lot of love. 


Happy Birthday Elle/Elvira/Ellote/Elena/Eloisa/Elenor/Chasey

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