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So, I just turned 34, and my husband took a flattering photo of me by the pool in a yellow bikini. Afterwards, I got an abundant number of messages asking me about my diet and exercise routine.  This was all very good for my self-esteem because this time around my body did not bounce back as fast as it did with Elle, but the significant difference was,I did not care(as much).  After I had Elle, I was bound and determined to get in better shape than before I got pregnant. So… guess what I did!?  I tried Crossfit and instantly became obsessed with the work outs.  This time around, however, I’ve been way less hard on myself and decided to try a different fitness path, and I’m working with a trainer.  I’m still a big advocate of Crossfit and all its benefits, but the earliest class available is 5:30 am, and that’s not early enough for me to get my life together in the mornings.  I now have 2 kids to get dressed, fed and out the door (not to mention my oldest AKA husband). I need to drop off Elle by 8:30, thenimmediately get to work.  I now workout at 5:00 am with Adly Kay We do a lot of traditional weight lifting style works out with modern twists.  I love her energy, and she makes the hour fly by!  She offers online training for those out of our area.  I’ve also just started training for a half marathon, so I’m running 2-3 times a week.

As far as food, I’d say in general, I eat healthy and balanced.  I don’t follow any form of diet, but I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food.  I eat the same things every week and tend to order the same thing at restaurants.  For breakfast, I usually have a protein drink (I’m currently taking Vega vegan protein) and some form of toast, nut-butter or avocado (I found out recently that I’m allergic to avocado, but I like to cheat deathweekly).  I drink a green juice (currently love Daily Greens brand) and green tea or Kombucha.  I like to drink my calories,and I’m always thirsty.  This gives me a solid start on my day and helps me make better food choices.  For Lunch, I usuallyhave a big salad with salmon or chicken, and afternoon snacks are usually crackers and hummus or a handful of nuts and berries.  I cook dinner 3-4 nights a week, but Wednesdays we have dinner with our group of friends, and that ranges from unhealthy and delicious options such as pizza, tacos, and burgers.  I love Wednesdays because I don’t have to worry about cooking, and I don’t practice food guilt, so I just enjoy whatever choice someone made.  I try to drink lots of water for all the obvious benefits, but mostly so I don’t confuse hunger with dehydration.  I always carry snacks (for me and Elle because god knows that child can eat). I carry nuts, fruit and granola bars, nut-butter packets, dry fruit, and jerky.

I’m not obsessive with my diet or fitness, I just know that it must be a lifestyle.  It’s not something you do right before an event or trip.  It’s my daily thing, and I make sure that it’s realistic, attainable, but still pushes me.   Life is busy, so I think it’s important to make sure you fit in workouts at a time and day that doesn’t throw off your schedule.  For me, that’s early morning so that I have the rest of the day for work and family.  I also try to plan our weely meals and snacks so that’s I’m not picking up unhealthy choices because I didn’t cook, or I’m pressed for time.  I will admit that even when I do this, I have “fuck it” days (I’m human) and just order or pick up dinner, and I make no apologies.  Wiggle room is necessary in life,just make sure you’re not wiggling though your entire life.  Don’t forget to flex.


XOXO Linda

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