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I’ve been getting a lot of fitness related questions and request to post my full workouts.  This is all flattering and at the same time very intimidating because I don’t feel all that fit (not by Instagram standards anyway) and I’m still quite a ways from my fitness goals but if you know me then you know I have no problem sharing the wealth.  Here is a sample of my weekly workouts with my trainer Adly.  I usually get in 3 days which include one upper body, one lower, and one full body day.  I try to get in some core work almost at every workout because that been one of my main target areas after my C-section (and the hardest for me).  

Workout 1

Warm Up Sprints (incline 4) 6 rounds  30 Seconds on 10 seconds rest

Super Set 1 (4 rounds)

Seated dumbbell raises 12, 10, 8, 6 (increasing weight)

Standing barbell press 8, 8, 6, 6 (increasing weight)

Kettle bell swings  12

Super Set 2 (4 rounds)

Pull-ups 10 (4 sets)

Single arm high row 12

Core work 

Side Plank Lateral raises 4 x 10

Side plank hip dips 4 x 10

Side plank holds 4 x 10

Super Set 3 (4 rounds)

Kettle bell up right rows  8, 8, 6, 6, (increasing weight)

Seated face pulls 12

Workout 2

Warm up 5 min on the elliptical (incline 5)

Banded TRX shuffles  20 x 3

Super Set 1 (3 rounds)

Box squats (barbell) 8

Jump squat 5 (increasing 2 every round)

Super Set 2 (5 rounds)

Pistol squats 10

Glute bridges 10

Core work (3 rounds)

V-ups (knees to chest) 15-20

V-up (reach for toes) 15-20

Russian Kettlebell twists 15-20

Workout 3

Warm up 5 min treadmill 

 Super Set 3 (4 rounds)

Arnold press 8, 8, 6, 6 (increase weight) 

Weighted circles 4 x 10

Super set 2 (4 rounds)

Hip thrusters 15

Kettlebell Sumo deadlifts 10

Super set 3 (4 rounds) 

overheard triceps extension 12

Barbell bicep curl 10

Super set 4 (4 rounds) 

abductor machine 20

Straight keg deadlifts 10

Core work (3 rounds)

TRX knees to chest 10-15

Lying legs lifts 15-20 

Ab roller 15 

 For more workouts, personal training, and nutrition  (even online) go visit and @adlykay on Instagram.  This girl know her stuff and her energy is amazing!  She whipped me back into shape after baby Ever and she's the reason you see those baby abs peeking through!  Love you Adly!

XOXO Linda 

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