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Happily EVER after

It's Valentine's day and I thought it appropriate to tell a love tale and dedicate a blog post to my baby-daddy

I met Ever (his full name Everardo) in dental school, he was a few semesters above me but he was one of the first friends I made there.  We didn't date right away, he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend but everyone thought he liked me and we were an item.  I guess they saw something I didn't because he never hit on me or made a move.  He was the perfect gentleman friend a girl could ever ask for.  I was away from home and very young but he always seemed to be there when I needed help.  The semesters and years went by and we lost touch, I think our friendship was causing friction in our relationships and we naturally drifted away from each other.

Fast forward to the end of our dental school careers when we happen to be a local college hang-out and we ran into our single selves and it was magnetic.  I don't think Ever ever left my side after that day, I tried to push him away because (well I was a jerk) and I had just come out of long term relationship and the last thing I wanted was another but he never gave up on me.  He was patient and loving and he never pushed me, he just waited.  He later confessed that he always loved me and that he would brag to the school and his friends that he would marry me (probably why everyone thought be was my side dude a.k.a. Sancho LOL)  Well he was right, we married right after I finished dental school at the tender age of 25.  I never thought I'd marry so young but it just felt right.  Ever loves me the way I need to be loved, he's never tried to change me or my mind.  His supports makes me feel like I'm untouchable and the sky is never the limit but above all else (as superficial as it seems) I love the way he acts like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world (but still aknowleding there other beauties in the same world, come on he's a human being and we all like to look at beautiful people, LOL)! 

Sounds like a perfect love story?  It is pretty great but relationships and marriage are hard work.  It takes a lot of effort to make things work and both parties really need to want it to work.  Ever and I really want it to work.  We never say things we can't take back, there are no passionate fights with cussing or offensive words.  Don't get me wrong, we both have been pissed and I'm sure I've said some ugly stuff under my breath or in my head but never out loud.  We give each other our space and freedom, we don't need to have the same interests and hobbies.  I think it's important to have an identity outside you relationship.  I don't pretend to be interested in Ever's hunting & fishing and he doesn't pretend to be interested my my fashion sense and interior design.  These are things that work for us, our relationship is not perfect but it works and if it ain't broke don't fix it!

I love you Ever, I know you read all my posts!  Thank you for loving me the way you do and for being the such a great example of how a husband should be.  I know you set the bar very high for Elle's future relationships.

Te amo! -Linda 

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