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Lucky number 7



I really cannot fathom the idea that you are  now 7, seven just sounds so much older than 6.  You’re little face has really matured this year. You traded in your signature space buns for a chic new bob and somehow this new hairstyle is completely you.  You still love plushies and I still hate buying them for you but I have to admit I’ll be sad the day you don’t want them anymore. Lately you have been into makeup but only collecting it because you never really try to wear more than glitter on your cheeks.


I have to say I’m so very proud to be your mother.  You are the kind & compassionate beyond your years.  What I’m the most proud of is how you act & treat others when I’m not around.  I’m always flattered about the way people describe you because even though I know your essence is good, it’s reassuring to hear it from others consistently.  You’re humble with out even know what that is because it’s just who you are. I worry sometimes with all the gifts that come in the mail that you won’t learn to appreciate things but you’re always willing to share with your friends and donate to the less fortunate with out hesitation.


I love you my daughter, you’re one of the greatest gifts I’ve been blessed to call mine! My forever muse. Happy Birthday!


Love, Mom

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