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Oh Baby Baby Baby

Here we are again, I'm pregnant.  I took longer to share this round not because I was being cautions or following that outdated rule about not sharing until after your first trimester (and certainly not sharing your loss) but because I simply did not want to talk about it.  Sounds horrible I know, but I've been so sick that I'm barely surviving my own life.  I'm was very excited to find out right before Christmas but as soon as I knew it was all down hill from there.  I'm nauseous ALL day, my energy level has depleted, I'm tired but I can't sleep and all this sets up days full of misery.  We live a busy lifestyle that does not fit this new me, I've tried to take it slow but it doesn't help in the slightest way so I've decided to go about my business as usual.

Enough with my Debbie Downer paragraph, baby #2 arrives late August and although I don't know the gender I have an overwhelming feeling it's a boy.  We all know we want a happy and healthy baby first and foremost but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a gender preference.  As much as I want a son, I really want another girl next.  I love the idea of Elle having a sister but since it's not up to me I'll take my chances and cross my fingers (and toes).

I've stayed active so far but definitely not my usual workout routine.  I'm working on my yoga practice and taking barre classes.  I love the low impact idea for this first trimester but plan on running and doing some light weights as soon as I start feeling better.  My diet has been the hardest part so far, I have no appetite and most foods turn me off.  I can't eat any kind of animal protein so I've been drinking Prenatal Protein from Rainbow Lite as well as their prenatal vitamins and DHA. 

I'm hoping I start feeling better soon and actually enjoy being pregnant but I highly doubt it.  I wish I was one of those women that enjoy being pregnant but in all honesty I simply don't.  I love the aftermath and I know it's all worth it and I would do it a million times again but I just do not like being pregnant.  

Stay tuned as I share my journey.  










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  • Eveleen on

    Aw Congrats amiga Very very happy for you! May the nausea and the pregnant blues go away. Enjoy for this will come to pass! I hope you have a boy- I cant wait to see how you would dress a little boy. Lots of prayers and love your way xoxoxoxoxoxo

    Eve- Jade Elizabeth closet

  • ERIN on

    Congrats! I know this feeling All too well. Have you tried diclegis? It helped me out so much. It did not get rid of it and it didnt help with the food turn offs or smells but it took the edge off. I am the same and always have somewhere to go and my second pregnancy was so much worse with sickness then the first and I thought the first was bad. I swore the second time it was a boy but it was another girl. Also what really helped was sour apple blow pops! Amazon sells just a box of them. I lived on them in the beginning. I hope this helps and you feel better soon.

  • Becky on

    Wow! That sounds a lot like my three pregnancies for the first trimester! I was so depressed with my last up until i found out the gender (girl) with already two boys! I was estatic! And the nausea went away around my second trimester with all three. I was given zofran because I was so dehydrated and it worked like a charm! It has a minty flavor to it and just recently I read that ginger tea & mints really help, wish I would’ve known sooner! Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy! ?

    With luv from N.J.

  • Anztricis on

    Thank you for your honesty. It’s really taboo to talk about disliking being pregnant . I have four baby bears and was horribly sick and miserably with three of them. I tried almost every advice given to ease the sickness to no avail . Be strong momma , it eventual passes and then it flys by and all of A sudden your holding the most beautiful thing made by pure LOVE…

  • NancyS on

    Felicidades por la llegada de ese nuevo bebe,que siempre son una bendición a nuestras vidas. Yo me senti igual de cansada ,vomito con el segundo bebe cosa que no senti con la primera ( fue niño) asi que Suerte (dicen que si son sintomas asi de fuertes es Niño) pero sea lo que sea una bendicion mas.Suerte.
    Nancy y Sam Serrano

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