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As part of my my home renovation a.k.a. my extreme "nesting" I've also been in full on de-clutter and organization mode.  I'm not sure at what point I became a mild hoarder but it definitely happened at one point.  I'm good at organizing and making things look like they have a place so it's been fun whipping my home back into place.  I'll share some easy methods and tips to get be just started if you want to add a more organized look to your home.

First grab boxes or large heavy duty bags, mark one donate or sell and the other toss or trash.  We all need and use way less then we have.  Second decide what you want to tackle first, don't stress trying to the entire kitchen or house in one day. Pick the pantry, kitchen drawers, or maybe just the fridge.  

Pantry: Small or large, start by getting everything out and cleaning it.  Wipe down the walls and shelves.  These areas don't often get this treatment and it's nice to start fresh.  Next throw away all expired food and products then organize the remaining stuff into piles by the uses, such as sweet snacks, salty snacks, side dishes ingredients, drinks, food prep a storage stuff.  Make a shopping list for either plastics bins, glass jars, baskets, whatever you can use to better organize they space you have and make it look aesthetically pleasing.  Using these sometimes gives you an extra inch or two of storage. You can purchase these at your local dollar store.  After you have them you can begin to put everything in it's place but when doing this remember to think about placement and putting the stuff most used in the easiest area to grab it, put kids snacks in an accessible area for them (if they are allowed to grab their own stuff).

Fridge:  Once again take everything out and clean the entire fridge and set out fresh baking soda cartons.  Throw away all expired food and condiments that are not often used.  Next think about how the shelving it set up, see if your fridge has adjustable shelving a rearrange if it's not working for you.  If your fridge does not I suggest purchasing clear plastic fridge bins (they have entire kits on for under $30) These give your a better a more visible way to organize fresh food.

Kitchen Cabinets and drawers:  How many coffee cups does one need?  Think about how many cups, plates, and kitchen tools you really need and use and get rid of the rest. They take up space and make things looked cluttered plus the more dishes you have sometimes the longer it takes you to do dishes since you have clean ones.  Once everything is out that you can to keep take a good look at you distribution.  Make sure you out back things where they are the most accessible especially while prepping, cooking, and serving.  Make you kitchen work for you.

Life is messy and out lives are busy, it's important to take time to simplify things and make them look good.  It might sound a little dumb but a clean, well organized, and uncluttered home can change your mood.  I work all day and, my head is full of thoughts, I don't want a home full of stuff I don't use.  Hope these tips help and it motivates you to start your spring cleaning!  


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