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Shoot Me, Maternity Style

Maternity photo shoots have become a rite of motherhood passage and I love it, why not celebrate and document such an important life even with a series of baby bump photos.  I did a opulent shoot when I was 8 months pregnant Elle (see below, very pink & sparkly) and  wanted something a little simpler this time around, not sure if it's because I have so much going on at the moments, or it's just the 2nd child syndrome, or the fact that it's a boy, who knows but I wanted the less is more treatment.

I envisioned Calvin Klein underwear and men's jeans, simple makeup and my natural hair, then I wanted a red lip, an updo, with lot's of jewelry with a men's dress shirt (I still needed some glam LOL) but when my good friend Tammy Porter from "The Porter's Wife Photography" suggested I take a few completely nude I was caught off guard.  I'm not shy or modest but hadn't even considered full on naked photos (like ever in my life LOL) but we went for it!  Her 2 young sons and Elle were there and none of them even really flinched, I kinda loved that.  It's just a naked body and in one of it's most natural forms and if these kids didn't care why should anyone else unless to celebrate the life inside the life.

So if I could give you my 2 cents I say please don't pass up taking maternity pictures, no matter how feel.  You and the child inside you will appreciate the beauty of them one day. Simple or extravagant, choose your style and own it!   Pick something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in or a theme or color scheme that makes you happy.  The options are endless and anything goes but If you ask me take naked ones LOL!  What your body does is amazing and really aesthetically it's all about the angles, trust me there is a flattering one for everyone! You don't have to even share them, they can be just for you and your partner or you can share them with the whole world like me LOL!  Someone will probably say something but in all honesty I couldn't care less, it's just a naked pregnant lady and it's me right now! I may or may never look like this again and  I want to remember.

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