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I wrote this blog post as an explanation to my followers (I really hate that term). I know it might not have been necessary, but I think it’s well deserved.  I want to clarify my new stance on the sponsored posts you might see on my Instagram feed, Instagram stories, snap chat, and this blog.  In the past I may have mentioned that I never took payment in exchange for posts, and for years, I didn’t.  I turned down lots of attractive offers, and in exchange, I was turned down for exciting opportunities because I didn’t have a media kit or a fee.  This made bigger companies that approached me think I wasn’t serious about projects,and they went with other people.  

I have full time jobs besides my family, and I honestly wanted to participate in campaigns for my favorite companies and brands that I was using anyway.However, I couldn’t find the time to reply to the daily emails, and I was always worried about missing deadlines (one thing I hate is to not pull through once I commit to something).  At that time, I had been working with a PR firm named The Moss- Tucker Group which represented a variety of companies,including some amazing toy companies I was sharing on my feed.  I took the liberty to start asking them questions about the things other companies asked for such as one-pagers, media kits, and post fees.  They were very helpful, and explained the value of a post and promotion.  I seized the opportunity to ask them to represent me, to say it was intimidating is an understatement, but I did it, and they agreed to!  Not to go into details and logistics, but basically, I forward any offers I get that I’m interested in, and they reply with the business stuff such as fees and timeframes.  They also make sure that I post correctly and on time,and that I understand what I’m being asked to do in exchange for product and payment. In return, they keep a well-deserved parentage of my payment.

I know lots of people on social media do all of this themselves and hustle hard after companies and campaigns (if you only knew how serious some of these insta-moms are about this kind of stuff, you wouldn’t believe it). I will not be quitting my day jobsto live off social media.  I enjoy social media and the perks that have come with it. I feel very blessed by the amazing opportunities and all the doors that have been opened for me and my children, but I have no desire to make this my new career path.  It’s a nice little cushion of fun income and gifts (who doesn’t love gifts!). I also love that I can pick and choose what and who I want to represent, and I promise you that I will never represent or collaborate with a product or company that I do not believe in.  Trust when I say I’ve turned down some very attractive offers (like 3 zeros offers) for weight-loss teas, waist-trainers, hair vitamins, and countless other products that I don’t care to use.  My children and I are not for sale, but I don’t mind getting paid if I love the project and it doesn’t take time away from the things that matter most to me.  So, if you see #ad #sponsored #gifted, please know I’m not trying to sell you anything, and I genuinely enjoy whatever I’m posting about. I’ll still fix your teeth, do your Botox,and sell you cute kid’s stuff because all those things are my bread & butter that bring the bacon home.  Well,now I’m hungry but never “thirsty” for insta-fame! Wink Wink!

XOXO Linda  

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