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Two Too Fast

Dear Papi/Baby Ever/Pinche Chamco Guapo,

Happy 2nd birthday, it came up faster than I was able to write this, like most things these days.  The second child thing is absolutely real, but it in no way, shape, or form means that I love you any less than your older sibling.  It’s amazing how your love tank doubles in size after another baby, but the hours in the day don’t multiply... Champagne problems.

You’re growing up so fast, or maybe it just seems like that because you are so very smart and talk so much for your age.  You’re a little sponge that just loves impressing us with your quick wit and charm.  You love to eat and have a big problem with sharing your food, we are working on this.   You recently started preschool and cry every day at drop off. I expected this, but I also expect you to learn to love school because you love to learn.  You have some serious dance moves that are going to give your sister a run for her money, and you love hip hop, reggeton and Latin trap music.  We all think it’s pretty hilarious.
We love you so much, and I’ll be honest (because I hope you’re an adult when you get to read these birthday letters); I thought Elle would always be my favorite because she was my first born, but I can say I don’t have a favorite (for now).  You won me over in a way I never thought possible.  You hate cuddling and being hugged and kissed, which just makes me wanna smother you in love even more (I think you may have inherited this from me). It’s like you play hard to get, and it’s working!
I have a feeling this next year is going to be trying on my patience because you are strong willed and have quite the temper, but you’re also easy  on the eyes which tends to work in your favor.  
Love you more than you will ever know, Son,

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  • Chloe on

    Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Ever!!

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