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Wild & Whimsy X Baby Elle Style


I’ve been trying to write this blog post for weeks (before the launch) but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind the past few months and sitting down to write has been a mountainous challenge.   Even as I write this, I have one kid pulling at me and another whining about when we are departing the office. 


Wild & Whimsy X Baby Elle Style has been a dream come true.  I’ve always dreamed of being approached to design a collection, and when Ryam of Wild & Whimsy asked me, I didn’t even have to think about it, it was an immediate and enthusiastic YES!  I was sincerely flattered that out of all the people she wanted to do her first collaboration with, she chose little ‘ol me, and with a holiday collection at that!


After our initial conversation and brainstorms, I just knew we would create something magical. We both follow the same motto of “don’t save your special dress for a special occasion because every day is special and should be celebrated.”  This is where the other famous phrase of “let them eat cake” by the infamous Marie Antoinette came into play and inspired the collection.  We all know her not-so-nice history, but for us, the phrase means, “let them eat cake, be little, wear the fancy dress, and kick up their heels!” Not to mention we dig her style and appreciate the opulence.  We wanted fancy, but also ultra-wearable and versatile. Even though some pieces look dressy, we know that they can be styled more casually with a t-shirt and sneakers, because of all people, kids can pull off any look.


This brings us to the “Elle” dress which we named after my muse, because the first variation (and my favorite) was the nude tulle version which reminded us of a modern tutu, and my tiny dancer loves a good tutu.  We scooped the neck ultra-low to make it more of a “jumper” look to be worn over variations of tops such a buttons-ups, hoodies, and t-shirts.  This then inspired the two t-shirts in the line. I love a good t-shirt and have a thing for old-English font.  It’s edgy, fun, and adds a touch of bad-ass to any outfit.  They were designed to go under the Elle dress, but look equally cute with jeans and leather leggings, and of course the Kimonos which are a Wild & Whimsy staple.  The mommy and me kimono is actually one of Ryam’s original designs so we made it in a luxurious matte yellow and rose gold sequin that feels ultra-festive (it is a holiday collection after all) and we made it in a large scale floral in sheer velvet. 

The “ruffle” dress was made to compliment every little girl, and we made it out of the softest velvets and lace we could find, and in exclusive floral fabrics.  These dresses are made to be season-less and worn all year, and they’re cut for room to grow.  They can also be worn with different shirts under for a modern look.  We made the dresses classic with lots of stylish options. 


No collab of mine would be complete without a vintage “Levi’s” denim jacket.  These are a staple for our wardrobe because they add an instant cool factor to any outfit and are a great layering piece.  We scouted a ton of them and adorned them with crystal, lace, and pearl appliques and pins.  Each one is a one-of-a-kind for your one-of-a-kind and meant to feel as special as the girl that wears them. 

Ryam and I both have baby boys and knew we wanted to add something for the little gents, so we made matching bowties in every fabric from the collection and love the idea of girls wearing them as well.  They are each adjustable and made to fit most.


I won’t bore you will all the drama of the details and all the logistics, but know that no matter how small a clothing line may be, there is tons of work involved.  What you should know is that it was made with lots of love locally in Los Angeles, California, and all the fabrics are exclusive or dead-stock and hand-picked by Ryam and I.  We put our hearts in this collection and hope it shows. So, “Let them eat cake” in their Wild & Wimsy X Baby Elle Style dress!

XOXO Linda 

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